Top Without Base

The compilation displays the pathetic status of educational in the country along with facts to highlight the illogical, anti-national reservation policy of the Government.

This is a peek into the contents of the compiled document. Download entire document here.

A preview of the contents
Pathetic State of Literacy
Compare with neighbors
What about female literacy?
What about  infrastructure and Staff
The budget
Shying away from responsibility
Enrolment and drop out
Neglect of middle and higher schooling
Status of middle and secondary/higher education in rural India
The (lack of ) commitment
What about quality ?
Urban vs. Rural; Male vs. Female
Top without base
Why should one join these courses ?
Reservations have not done any miracle
Hallmarks of success  (failures?)
The real issue
Why OBCs trailed behind in higher education
Talk today
All India survey for drop-out children in 6-13 years age
Poverty in Synonym with Educational Deprivation
Income, not caste, is the issue
Share of OBSs in Jobs
No great bias towards upper castes
Schooling acts as effective job quota
36% population is OBC, not 52%
Caste in confusion
Reservation mathematics
Reservations in higher education
Figuring out quotas
Higher education, lowest standards
Where do children go after class VIII?

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