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Charter of Demands

YFE demands apolitical review of the overall reservation policy by a committee of intellectuals, knowledge bodies, industrialists etc…
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Representation to Standing Parliamentary Committee on HRD

YFE are not against the upliftment of real backwards but is aggrieved by (i) the manner in which the government seeks to identify the down trodden, and (ii) the steps used for their upliftment…
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Representation to the Chairman, Religious and linguistic minorities

The opposition to the policy of Reservation stems basically from a growing awareness that the ruling political class is pursuing this policy not out of either real sympathy for the deprived or out of a concern for the national interest…
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Violation of Terms of References by Mandal Commission

Read how blatantly Mandal has violated its mandate and pursued the political agenda
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The Magical 52%

How Mandal reached to the figure of 52%? Read about the worst form of forgery, ever committed…
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A note on educational status of OBCs

Is younger generation of OBCs really educationally backward ? Are OBCs under-represented in higher education ? The data show that the answers to these questions is NO…
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Educational forwardness of OBCs

A myth has been created about educational backwardness of OBCs. The Government’s own data show that OBCs out-perform general students …
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Why are we against caste based reservation

Caste based policies are divisive , anti-secular, and anti-progressive…
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Deprivation , not caste

It is important, to discuss reservation in the holistic context of much required social restructuring and not to convert it into a fetish of ‘political correctness’..
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A note on implementation of 27% reservation

Contrary to Government’s claim, the proportion of general candidates will decrease over the period…
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Sattanathan Commission (Tamil Nadu)

Nine castes, comprising 11% of backward class population, take away about 50% of benefits. Creamy layer must be excluded…
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Critique of Gurnam Singh Commission ( Haryana)

Looks like the Commission predecided its recommendation…
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Identification of Backward Classes in Karnataka and various commissions

All the Commissions have declared scores of dominant castes as advanced. But contrary to recommendations, all these castes have been declared backward by politicians…
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Tamil Nadu Model of Reservation: Myths and reality

Every time one talks against quotas, political class gives example of Tamil Nadu. Have quotas done wonders?
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OBCs and Crimes against Dalits

For claiming the benefits of reservations, the OBCs identify themselves with SCs. In truth, worst form of atrocities against SCs are being committed by the present-day, all powerful OBCs…
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Indrajaal of Tamil Nadu

Indrajaal or illusion is when you perceive a rope as a snake or vice versa. One of the greatest indrajaal of present time can be experienced in Tamil Nadu where Dravidian fascism is being marketed as ‘social justice’. Tamil Nadu model of reservation has virtually robbed the minority general community of their dignity and right to life/livelihood and has lead to their disenfranchisement. Analysis of any entrance results or appointment is sufficient to prove it.
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