YFE Campaigns

RACE AGAINST RACE: Casteless society

Casteless society i.e. society where there is no discrimination on the basis of birth mark. The Indian Constitution guarantees equality to all citizens and thus establishes a rule of Non-discrimination by the state in any manner. It ensures and inures the state to treat all citizens equally and allow equality of status and opportunity to all and specifically provides that discrimination on the basis of religion, sex, color, caste, race or the place of birth etc are impermissible. This is aptly clear from the statement of Pundit Jawahar Lal Nehru :

“……After all the whole purpose of the Constitution as proclaimed in the Directive principles is to move towards what I may say a casteless and classless society……”

The caste system is the greatest hindrance in the way of our progress towards an egalitarian society and a strong nationhood. Dr Ambedkar spoke:

“………….In India there are castes. The castes are anti-national. …..because they bring about separation in social life. ………because they generate jealousy and antipathy between caste and caste”

Youth For Equality is constantly engaged in opposing all caste and religion based policies which lead to feeling of separation among people. Youth For Equality has raised its voice on various legal, social, and political platforms. The main area of thrust has been to oppose the policy of caste based reservations in education and employment. The purpose of this campaign is to end caste/religion based preferential policies, and to make the benefits of these policies to reach the truly deprived people.

JANAADESH: Establish true democracy

We believe in true democracy. We oppose a fake democracy that treats the intelligent and the foolish, the industrious and the lazy in the same way. We see in the present system of majorities and organized irresponsibility the main cause of our steadily increasing miseries. The elected members of legislative bodies hardly reflect the views of the people. What we need is not mere change of players, but change in the rules of the game. In collaboration with other socially conscious, like-minded organizations, Youth For Equality is campaigning for a radical change in the electoral process and political system so that decisions of the elected legislature can truly be called as “Janaadesh”.

SURAAJ: Transparent, corruption free governance

We have to develop good governance in our system as this will solve all the basic problems that we as citizens face and to inculcate civic sense in all our people as this is our country and we have to care for it. We have to establish transparency and accountability into the system in a way that the chosen leaders and bureaucrats must not deceive the system. Youth For Equality is collaborating with various organizations and is actively involved in various activities for judicial, and administrative reforms.

CLUB NACHIKETA: Good Quality Education for all

Nachiketa traded his life for knowledge. This establishes the supremacy of knowledge in the life. Without good quality education, we can dream of a super- power India. We have raised the issue of quality education at various platforms. Because of nation wide protests by Youth For Equality, there is a paradigm shift in policies of the Government of India, and a need for broad-based higher education has been accepted. This has also lead to heavy investment in the field of education.

‘Adopt a Child’, ‘YFE School of Complimentary Education’ and ‘YFE School of Excellence’ are other facets of Club Nachiketa.

SANJEEVANI: Health for all in a Healthy Environment

We should be able to provide services that cater to the health needs of all the people at the grass root level. For sixty years the health system in India has proven totally insufficient in delivering health care to the people of the country. Every citizen must be covered with better health facility and mechanism must be evolved to upgrade the existing health system.
At the same time the country is facing serious environmental issues of pollution, waste disposal, deforestation, global warming and water scarcity. We aim to increase public awareness on science, technology, environment and development; and searching for solutions that people and communities can implement themselves.