Affirmative actions and Quotas

Why we are against caste based reservations?

  • The Constitution of India is NOT a Caste Constitution.
  • The Hindu society may be a caste society but the Indian constitution is not a caste constitution
  • The castes are anti-national.
  • Caste based policies are divisive , anti-secular, and anti-progressive.
  • Caste can not be a class to define “Backwardness”
  • Caste system is the greatest hindrance in the way of our progress to egalitarian society
  • An individual is underprivileged, not the Class
  • Unreasonable inclusion and continuation of castes with ‘Backward’ status: Reverse discrimination
  • Caste conscious measures can not eliminate caste consciousness

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Deprivation, not Caste

In Indian society, caste is not the only obstacle in the way of development of an individual. Economic conditions, educational opportunities and discrimination on the basis of gender also contribute to the denial of opportunity to express one’s true merit and worth. It is important, to discuss reservation in the holistic context of much required social restructuring and not to convert it into a fetish of ‘political correctness’.

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