Youth For Equality

Youth for Equality (YFE) is a group of alert aware citizens who share the youthfulness to believe in ourselves to “Get the system right and keep the system right”. As a young nation – We share the aspirations of our members from all age groups – school and college students, working professionals, house wives and older and wiser retired gentlemen. YFE has branches across the nation and beyond the shores of the country as well. Its in collective effort and wisdom, we see the dream of an India of Equality.

YFE was galvanized into existence in Apr 2006 in opposing the politically motivated divisive “OBC reservation policy” of the UPA Govt. The month long sporadic protests that continued thereafter united citizens across the nation in a forceful voice of reason. The voice reverberated from the streets to inside the parliament and found support even in the highest judicial body of the Country. Thus began the journey …

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