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Youth for Equality

Not every DNA carries wealth and intelligence. Not everyone with a Surname needs uplifment.

About us:

Youth for Equality (YFE) is a group of alert aware citizens who share the youthfulness to believe in ourselves to “Get the system right and keep the system right”. As a young nation

– We share the aspirations of our members from all age groups – school and college students, working professionals, house wives and older and wiser retired gentlemen. It’s in collective effort and wisdom, we see the dream of an India of Equality.


1. Casteless, Secular Society
2. No caste based reservation
3. Define deprivation without caste
4. Education for all

5. Health for all in an healthy environment
6. Employment for needy
7. Transparent, corruption free governance
8. Establish true democracy
9. Strengthen nationhood

10. Promote excellence: Build India a superpower

We wish to open YFE units in each city. If you agree with our vision and agenda, you can be a part of these units.

Guidelines for setting up these units:

1. To check the authenticity of the unit creator, we will require voter ID card, Aadhar card and PAN card.The information shared will be confidential and will not be shared with any third party.

2.To create a permanent unit in each city, minimum 11 members are required. Out of which, 5 members should be female.

3. The first 3 months of the creation of the unit may start with 3 members, in which atleast one member is female.

4. It can subsequently be followed with 5 members, out of which 2 are female. Then 7 members, in which three are females.

5. All the members strictly shall neither be in a family relationship nor in the same profession.

6. Whatsapp group will be created by these members in whom each member will have all rights. Each member will be the admin of the group.

7. 9868340420 and 9999280426 will be added to each group and will be given equal rights as admin.

In case you are willing to be a part of this cause, please share your details. For more details you can contact the following :

1. Dr.Kaushal Kant Mishra(President Youth For Equality) : 9868340420 |

2. Neha Ghai : 9999280426 |


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