Why Government’s assurances were rejected?

Preliminary the government is befooling us and the Nation by making claims without verification and as such the verbal assurances of the government are hollow and lack in sincerity. This is evident from the following –

As such, it is evident that the Government is hoodwinking the students and the nation as much as while on the one had the Govt. is still ascertaining as to which institutes can increase the seats without shrinking the general category seats while on the other hand (irrespective of such increase in general category seats) is steadfast in its resolve to implement the reservation policy w.e.f. academic year 2007.

As such, the Govt. apart from other issues has to give a written signed assurance that till such time the total number of seats in each institute are increased without shrinking the general category seats it shall not implement the present policy and that the year 2007 is not sacrosanct.


Firstly the proposals were not on an official letterhead of the govt. and were not signed by any govt. official.

The heading of the paper given to us states “Governments assurances to Medical Students” —- We strongly disagree with the Govt’s assessment that the movement concerns only medical fraternity.

Para – wise rejoinder

  1. The paper states “government is committed to the expansion of medical educational facilities and institutions…..”. Again we would say, it should have been “The government is committed to the expansion of all educational facilities and institutions.
  2. Government should spell out the “adequate resources” required to create the additional facilities, needs of various institutes along with the written demand of institutes, if any.
  3. Government has already established an Oversight committee which will make specific recommendations for expanding and providing facilities to enhance opportunities for higher education. Till such time the report of such a committee is received and implemented the announcement of the reservation policy with effect from academic year 2007 should be suspended forthwith.
  4. The expert group consisting of Director/Deans/Principals of all institutions would go into the details and give specific recommendations for enhancing the facilities at all institutions. The government paper mentioned only medical institutions.
  5. As per “5” we strongly disagree with the govt’s assertion that total seats will remain unchanged. The govt. should state unambiguously that the current no. of seats for general category in each institute (as against total seats) should remain same. Also the seats in newer institutions should also be available to general category as indicated by Hon’ble minister Mr. Pranab Mukherji.
  6. The government should ascertain from each individual institute the availability of Professors and other qualified faculty before increasing the number of seats in all institutions.
  7. The demand for an expert commission to examine and evaluate caste based reservation policies should be accepted, and mere examination of this idea is not acceptable. The set up and the term of reference of such a commission are spelt out in the separate note attached.
  8. No action would be taken against the agitating students, interns and resident doctors in any from as regards service break, termination, pay and leave deduction, legal notice etc.