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A report on Youth For Equality’s participation in Jharkhand local body election

Census 2011 Stretching Beyond Headcount: A Dangerous Agenda

UOI Vs Ramsh Ram and Others

Three in Final Race To Become People’s Candidate | Press Conference Pictures
Today when 14 crore voters stand to vote for the first time in the country we must decide whom to vote and why. Youth For Equality realizes the importance of politics. Without being part of the system we can not amend the system. Considering the responsibility reposed on Youth For Equality by the common citizen of India, we have started many campaigns. Youth for equality is the first organization to start No criminal’s campaign by putting up hoardings with the message “Welcome to state of criminals. 40% MLAs in Delhi are criminals”. What began then a lone voice against criminals in politics then has today turned into a movement….

We all talk about the problem of corrupt politicians, We all talk about criminalization of politics, We all talk about the stale, rotten, and inefficient system…

Youth for Equality Launches its Political Movement
In the year 2006, India saw the birth of its biggest youth movement ever in the form of Youth For Equality to oppose the 27% caste based reservation in higher education. Mass Rallies, protest marches, hunger strikes and unrest in the streets were the common scene for long. Then scores of PIL’s were filed by Youth For Equality in Supreme court to correct the malice and to oppose Caste Based Reservation…

March against Corruption and Terrorism
Art of Living ( AOL ) in association with Youth For Equality is organising the March against Corruption and Terrorism on March 1, 2009 ( 2.00PM ) at Parliament Street, New Delhi. The aim is to mobilise over 1 lakh citizens to march together and raise a unified voice against corruption and terrorism and to pledge to build a corruption free nation…

YFE kick starts ‘Decriminalization of Politics Campaign’
On the First day of 2009 Students gave back the first punch to the corrupt politicians. Delhi saw huge hoarding at 20 locations as Thousands seeing them cheered and called up to join the movement and fuel the campaign. The Hoardings read as : “Welcome to the State of Criminals. 40% MLAs in Delhi are criminals”. To read the detailed records of criminal MLAs, please click here

Representation of Youth For Equality to the Prime Minister / Finance Minister regarding Educational Loans
Educational loan is only available to students whose parents are capable of repaying the loans. Youth For Equality feels that the current system of Educational Loans needs a fundamental change on urgent basis, so that no poor student is deprived of higher education because of lack of funds…

Suggestions from and views of Youth For Equality on Implementation of the Right to Information Act 2005 submitted to The Standing Committee on Personnel, Public Grievances, Law and Justice (Chairperson: Dr. E.M. Sudarsana Natchiappan)

Suggestions from and views of Youth For Equality on Representation of the People (Second Amendment) Bill, 2008 submitted to The Standing Committee on Personnel, Public Grievances, Law and Justice (Chairperson: Dr. E.M. Sudarsana Natchiappan)..

Suggestions for the socio-economic advancement and Identification of Socially, Educationally, and Economically Backward Classes

Election day ?  Go  49’O and say  “I Vote NoBody ”
DID YOU know that there is a provision in the Constitution of India, which is called “49-O” ?

Leftists sham sympathy for the poor : Mahesh Chandrashekaran
Since the beginning, the communists have portrayed themselves as champions of the poor (i.e the ‘exploited’ and ‘oppressed’) and opponents of the ‘exploiters’. Indian leftists are no different. But it is all a big, big sham. In recent times, many such opportunities arose when the Indian leftist could have stood up for the cause of the ‘poor’, but on each occasion they have sided with the aristocrats, zamindars and the oppressors…

Why be indignant?
A great hue and cry is being raised about Mathew Hayden calling India a ‘third-world country’, as if he is abusing the Indians. At the best his comment could be called foolish and meaningless…

Youth for equality writes to CJI seeking SC intervention
Youth for Equality (YFE) on Thursday sought the Chief Justice of India’s judicial intervention to deal with the highly volatile anti-north Indian sentiment fuelled by Raj Thackeray-headed MNS in Maharashtra…

Centre raises OBC creamy layer criteria to Rs 4.5 lakhs
With elections to the Lok Sabha and some state Assemblies round the corner, the government raised the income ceiling for creamy layer from Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 4.5 lakh annually in a move that will cover more Other Backward Classes under the reservation criteria…

Creamy Layer Revision / Central-State Caste List Non-Revision ? Contrasting Double Standards
Ever since the Supreme Court delivered the fateful judgment upholding the 27% quota minus the ‘Creamy Layer’ for the Self Proclaimed Backwards (SPB), worried caste-quota extremists comprising the DMK/PMK/RJD/LJP etc have been hankering for revision of the already sky-high Creamy Layer Income Limit of Rs.2.50 lakhs…

Why OBC reservation is a farce in Delhi? ; Mahesh Chandrasekaran
Reservation, of all things, for the so-called OBCs in Delhi is a big farce and a constitutional monstrosity/atrocity. Why it is so becomes amply clear from a perusal of the following indisputable facts...

How Caste Hindus in Tamil Nadu suddenly became Vanniyars ?
The most common trick whenever the self-proclaimed backwards/most-backwards are found engaged in caste-atrocities is to refer to them by the confusing and meaningless term “Upper Caste”. However, The Hindu newspaper uses an invented term “Caste Hindus”, obviously either under the threat of the backward casteist forces that rule TN or simply to curry favor with the casteist It is now common knowledge that the Indian media that is continuously proclaiming that “India is the world’s largest democracy” (brazenly ignoring the fact that over thirty crore Ordinary Hindus have virtually no rights in India) is shamelessly engaged in a massive cover up to prevent the exposure of the true face of the “backwards” (falsely described as weak/marginalized/ oppressed etc) who are mostly involved in cases of caste-atrocities on scheduled castes/tribes, Brahmins and Other Hindus…

If 99% seat grabbing cannot provide social justice, how is 27% quota going to help? 
An open letter to Mr Karunanidhi

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