Gallery-6 Massive protest by YFE at Connaught Place, New Delhi (6th May 2008)

A non-voilent protest in the land of GANDHI against the CASTE BASED RESERVATIONS in educational institutions and universities.
We need to fight for our rights. We just can’t be mute spectators.
The apex court ordered that reservations are not applicable in postgraduate courses.
Indian Universities are already short of funds and infrastructures. Implementing the reservation without increasing the infrastructures will create havoc.
Are you a graduate? Now the big question is , DO YOU FEEL BACKWARD??
Lathi-charging anybody who speaks the TRUTH is a way of life in our coutry.
WATER CANNONs come free with laathis. Well, they must know that it is refreshing in summers!!
However hard they can try…
…youth is unstoppable.
Let’s join hands.

[caption id="attachment_111" align="alignnone" width="300"]Kick this evil out of our systems.

Dear friends, youth has finally arrived.