Make voting compulsory: Modi

October 13, 2008: The Times of India
NEW DELHI: A month before five states and the national Capital go for assembly polls, Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi has pitched for making vot
ing compulsory for every individual. Besides, he also advocated a fixed five-year term for government to ensure stability both at the Centre and in states.

Modi’s suggestions came while he was speaking about making elections a transparent and fair process during his interview to a television news channel on Sunday. ¶It is not about vote bank politics, but in democracy more and more people should participate in elections and it will bring down the cost of elections as well. As more people will vote, higher would be the chances of parties getting a majority,¶ he said.

Highlighting the flip side of frequent elections, the CM said, ¶Due to political reasons, elections are being held in every three months in some part or the other. And under pressure, governments keep delaying big decisions owing to elections.¶ Asked about the Nanavati Commission report which gave him a clean chit in the Gujarat riots, Modi said, ¶I would have been hanged if they (the panel) found an iota of evidence against me.¶

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