Communists and Creamy Layer – The Known Nexus : Youth For Equality, JNU

24 June, 2008. JNU, New Delhi

When India is facing the stark reality of unequal wealth and power distribution, one thing is proven beyond doubt that the COMMUNISTS ARE THE AGENTS OF CREAMY LAYER, the powerful section of the society.

The Communists scream against the profiteering MNCs and act exactly for their maximum profit, as has happened in Nandigram and Singur!

The left parties go overboard to shout for the downtrodden and labour class and never hesitate to kill their prospect in any sector, not to mention, government and education. The proven example is the left parties’ stand on the OBC reservation. They work overtime to argue for OBC reservation and still arguing with sadist government officials. But for whom the OBC reservation meant for? Creamy Layer is the answer.

The Government is now increasing the cap of Creamy Layer from the existing Rs.2.5 Lakh to Rs. 5 Lakh. As of now the income slab for defining creamy layer is more than Rs. 22,000 per month. The level initially was less than Rs. 10,000 per month which was enhanced to this level in the year 2004. Now the government intends to raise this limit to Rs. 40-50,000 per month with the support of the communists, which is higher than the average per capita income of the country (that includes the incomes of Tatas, Ambanis and all billionaires).

            Now the student community likes to ask few questions to the communists to get a clear picture of their mindset –

a)      If the communists are agents of creamy layer and if they only work for the benefit of creamy layer?

b)      Do the communists think that the daily wages labourers (for whom they fight and arrest the JNU registrar), the real downtrodden of the society who struggles for a four square of meals and persons living below poverty line are similar with the creamy layer whose income is more than Rs.22,000 and now it is going to be Rs.50,000?

c)      Do the communists think that a person earning Rs. 50,000 or even Rs.22, 000 needs societal support and governmental OBC reservation?

d)      Are the communists are going to oppose the rise of income cap for the creamy layer? If yes when and if not for whom they are advocating the OBC reservation?

 The present National Commission for Backward Classes is dominated by powerful, advanced OBCs who have nothing to do with the backwards. In fact, the present Chairperson of NCBC, Justice Pandian never believed in the concept of creamy layer. In Indira Sawhney case (Mandal case, 1993), out of nine judges, he was the only judge who did not believe in creamy layer.

 It is official that even among OBCs, as high as 79% families have an income of less than Rs 50,000 per year (NSSO 61st round, 2004-2005). Worst still – about half of them are earning less than Rs 25,000 per year. What will happen to these with the current efforts made by NCBC to raise the income cap for the creamy layer? Do the communists who shed crocodile tears for the backwards bother about others not to mention the 79% OBCs? 

 The NCBC is working overtime to protect the interests of rich, powerful, and dominating OBCs. Their efforts would, in all effect, nullify the recent Supreme Court verdict on OBC quota. It is nauseating to read the comments made by various State Backward Class Commissions. The true backwards are so backward that they can not make their voice heard and they have no say in the decision making.

In Indira Sawhney II, the Supreme Court clearly stated:  “Unfortunately, in the decision making process which enables the forwards to get into the list of backward classes or which enables creamy layer to grab the benefits of reservation, it appears to us that the voice of the really backwards, namely, the voice  of non-creamy layer, is nowhere heard. Else there is no reason why the state should decide not to exclude the ‘creamy  layer’.”            Youth For Equality’s voice is now proven beyond doubt that it is the rich who are fighting to become more rich at the cost of the poor and of course with the support of the communists and other parties. It is not late for all of us to raise our voice against this political manipulation.

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