The Gujjars, Equality and You

The newspapers are filled up with news about gujjars having crippled the state of Rajasthan. The toll on human lives can only be expected to rise with each passing day. The gujjars want the ST status. The meenas on the other hand vehemently oppose having to share the privileges of the ST status with the Gujjars. The result is vivid in flesh and blood on our National Highways for all to see.

CM Vasundhra Raje and whole political class is in a helpless situation with no side to take. Or are they really this innocent? Was it really this unexpected? Did our heart not beat a bit faster every time we saw successive governments in the last 50 yrs go about conducting surveys – asking people what there ‘caste’ is? Did not our conscience not tug at us when the scheduled tribes and castes were given 22.5% reservation (no matter that many of these students take world tours when they secure admissions in college). Did our eyes not widen when another 50% o Indian population from ‘OBC castes’ were declared backward? And then we had religious ‘minorities’ being given reservation.

All this while the law and order was crippled and the atrocities against various sections of the society continued unabated due to the pathetic state of policing and civil liberties. Instead a mere few individuals were ‘compensated’ (through reservation) for the ‘victimization’ of their communities further subjecting meritorious candidates to injustice. What good is it to reserve seats instead of focusing on basic human rights of the population of India?

With regards to the Gujjar’s, even as the administration seems paralyzed with its indecision on the demands of the Gujjars; the demand is essentially valid. It is the nature of humans to dream and aspire for equality – parity with their fellow citizens (read Meenas). And if the Meenas have been getting this special status for their education and jobs – so should the Gujjars – and so must all the Indians. Effectively all criteria of caste must be removed from every govt policy. Caste was never an appropriate criterion of necessity for reservation and to let it continue any longer would be to submit forever to an injustice as intolerable as slavery under the British and that which has already lasted half a century. Should this last any further, the drama reported daily in news shall definitely occur again and again, crippling the country.

The condition of the country we are presently being lead to may be related to wilderness – as compared to civilizations, members of the wilderness never bother about working or producing anything. Instead they go around snatching whatever little they can scavenge in their surroundings – effectively living in desperate poverty and uncertainties. Instead let us make our country a land of equality and protected rights so that people work productively and prosper to the betterment of everyone.

 It is our inevitable duty to take part in this initiative. As  Benjamin Franklin said “Those who have the ability to act also have the responsibility to act “.  

Youth for equality is an organization committed towards working to this cause of removing caste based inequalities in govt policies. Students from various colleges have been sitting on an indefinite hunger strike since 22nd May, 2008 on the campus of Maulana Azad Med. On 27 may,2008  Youth for Equality, Delhi organized  a rally from Maulana Azad Med College, Delhi to Veer Bhumi, Delhi to protest against the caste based reservation policies of the Indian Govt. About 1000, primarily medical, students participated. The rally was concluded with street play depicting the dangers of reservation policies.   

We plan to hold simultaneous rallies in 12 states of India on 31st May, 2008 (Saturday) to gain further support. The rally in Delhi will start from the Maulana Azad Med College at 2:00 PM on 31st May, 2008 (Saturday) and move towards India Gate.

Kindly ensure your participation as well as of your friends and relatives by circulating this message among them

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