The BJP is reaping what it sowed: Gujjar agitation should open the eyes of politicians

Gujjar agitation has became the Frankenstein for the BJP . The situation is now out of control for the BJP Government. But is the result of BJP’s own sectarian appeasing policies. Not long back, BJP played the caste game in Rajasthan and got Jats included in the list of OBCs. Inclusion of all powerful Jats in OBC list pushed the Gujjars to margins and not much was left for them. Hence, Gujjars started claiming for ST status.


The Gujjars’ fight for ST status and the Meenas’ fear of having to share the reservation pie led to clashes between them. The damning consequence of promising caste-based reservations in return for votes was not anticipated by the ruling BJP in Rajasthan.


Only when the reservation policy changes its focus — from vote bank politics to helping out the needy among backwards to stand on their feet — will we see less of the competition to be included in the most beneficial category to reap quota benefits. And, less of blood that is being spilled on the streets, as is being done by Gujjars in Rajasthan.


The national political parties must understand that the policy of Caste –appeasement is a “Bhasmasur¶. It may give the initial advantage but ultimately it will destroy its own creator. The History is witness to it. Whenever a ruling party identifies a particular group/ caste/ community and patronizes it for electoral benefits, the same group /caste /community develops its separate identity and become either a threat to the existence of the ruling party or acquires a blackmailing potential.


Despite its OBC card, nether V P Singh, nor Sonia Gandhi had any electoral benefit. Only Lalu, Mulayam, Ramadoss or Karunanidhi have  reaped  the harvest of caste-appeasement. The national political parties should learn a lesson from the  history and recent happenings. Sectarian policies will never benefit them . The regional Kshtraps with a narrow base will readily grab such issues and will thrive on them. Each  caste/ community will have its own leader  which will be a stone wheel and, ultimately, the national parties will loose their identity.


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