Hon’ble CJI : Pro-reservationist or just playing a Pro-active role?

It is difficult to say what is truth but it is really very sad when an ordinary citizen of this ancient nation find modern politicians and judges misinterpreting the Caste System without offering any definition to the basic element of ¶Caste¶ and ¶backwardness¶ etc. 

The judgment of Calcutta HC was definitely not a transgression of Supreme Court order as was wrongly presumed by our Hon’ble Chief Justice of India in his terse & ¶strange¶ remarks like ¶No court can sit over a Supreme Court Judgment¶ etc. It is up to the Hon’ble Judge of Calcutta to see if his honor was attacked by the CJI remarks but it is evident that CJI has not enhanced the honor of Highest Court of the land by opting for this kind of haste & remarks on such a sensitive issue.

One should not forget that the implementation of discriminatory Caste Based quota policy was delayed by one year by the intervention of Supreme Court only when the HRD ministry was eager to introduce the same last year only. What India or the OBC Graduates would have lost if the implementation of controversial Caste Based was delayed by one more year to IIM or PG studies? 

Supreme Court of India or Parliament of India may be the highest institutions of our democracy but it does not make them sacrosanct or infallible. Inspite of all kinds of ratification of controversial Caste Based admission policy of HRD Ministry by the the Mighty Parliament & ‘Supreme’ Court, it will remain controversial only forever. When the Democratic circus entirely become dependent on majority & Blind towards TRUTH then such kind of miscarriage of democracy are bound to happen as has been happened in this case when all the hopes and aspirations of democrats, YFE & anti-Reservationists have been dashed by none other than but by the Highest Court of India only in the leadership of Hon’ble CJI. Now we can only debate only if our Dear & Hon’ble CJI is playing a role of Pro-reservationist of just a pro-active role but the damage has already been done. 

Is it an handicap of Democracy or just an omission of our democratic Institutions only?

Atul K Mehta “Viduur¶

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